Friday, November 28, 2014

I Am Thankful For Interchangeable Pieces

I am thankful that there is an industry standard for baby paraphernalia; that allows all lids and tops to be the same size, so no matter which one I grab in the dark of the night, it will fit the bottle I am holding and expedite the Cheeta feeding process.
Is it just me or is a crying baby much louder at 2am than at 2pm?
As for the bottle situation, we are doing as much breast milk as possible over here - sometimes in a bottle and sometimes au natural depending - but my body hates me (no surprise there!) and is a bit behind in the manufacturing process, so Cheeta gets a little formula too.
I really hope I am not ruining him forever.

This is me feeding the baby.


Master P said...

When I found out the Avent bottles I used with WG were compatible with their sippy cups and handles, I cried. Interchangable parts ROCK.

Two of my kids never nursed and one had it for less than 3 months. I'm not going to say it didn't ruin them because I am constantly worrying about the million ways I've done that, but I will say if you give them the gospel, a love of learning and a happy childhood, it will make up for a load of ills, including how they ate for the first few months of life.

Cathie said...

As long as you're feeding him, he'll be okay.

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