Wednesday, January 02, 2013

On The Fly

I received an unexpected call this evening on the way home from work; from Fleighund's wife, BGE, with an invite for dinner.
We have been trying to get together since before Thanksgiving but schedules being what they are and holidays being what they are we never made it.
Spur of the moment seemed to work for us.
We went and ate and laughed and discussed how many towels a couple needs to be happy and watched a video of Tarzan's parents driving around a crazy ice resort in the country they are visiting.

This is me and we have nice friends.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy is right on. Crazy COLD!!
What a wild way to welcome 2013.
Hope all your dreams come true this year...and at a discount price. That's what happening in China since 13 is a unlucky number. So, merchants are discounting their services and merchandise, like weddings, to keep business going this next year. A bargain year in spite of being unlucky.

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