Friday, January 11, 2013

A Life Beyond #8

I had a great post in mind on my way home today. It was brief, witty and really made a point.
But somewhere in the hour it took me to get home...
I forgot it.
So you are left with these enviable kitchen photos instead. From one end of the kitchen:
The other:
And around the corner:
Do you know how many burners are on that stove?
And they're interchangeable with the griddle, deep fat fryer or grill parts, so one could be making pancakes, have room for both kinds of eggs and the bacon AND still have space left over for the kettle to boil water for hot chocolate, because it is really, really cold right now. (I know, only relatively, but we don't have heat or insulation, so we're feeling it.)
I don't envy much that I see at these houses. But a really great stove like that makes me drool a tiny bit.

This is me and it wouldn't fit in my living room, let alone the kitchen.


Cathie said...

I envy everyone with gas stoves. Sigh.

And if it's really cold in your house, bake. Lots and lots of baking. Cook a turkey. Dehydrate fruit. Just keep the oven on and stay in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Great last line. :D

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