Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have another resolution this year - I hope to not throw out so much food.
Our fridge is not a fancy Sub-Zero that is only one jar deep, so we lose leftovers sometimes and when I find them again, they aren't quite as edible as they once were.
What this means is that I have to learn to make less for a meal
There will be more meals of leftovers. I was proud of the one we ate the other night:
The quality of the photo isn't so good - but we emptied six Tupperware containers for that meal which made me happy.
Chicken sandwiches, mixed vegetables, sweet potato fries and coleslaw.
I think we might have to worry about our cholesterol, but the fridge will be clean.

This is me and it felt good.

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Anonymous said...

Some folks have date night. Others have Leftover Night. But this night is usualy celebrated among better cooks. Sounds like you're in good company.

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