Monday, January 21, 2013

Trees Galore

I love the Jungle in January.
It has been kind of cold here recently, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the rest of that mess were dark, busy days and really stressed.
But January has an absence of activities, the days are getting visibly lighter, for longer and the sun comes out just in time for the kids to go back to college and make the parents from out of town jealous.
And there seem to be more holidays with fewer expectations. Which allows for stuff to actually get done.
Witness Tarzan and our yard. He has been on fire with the yard work this month and we have made some serious changes. Our poor unproducing apricot tree in the front yard finally had to go:
 I didn't even get to say goodbye:
We installed an avocado tree in it's place:
We also took out the really tall, unknown type of tree in the backyard - that provided shade but nothing else - and happened to be infested with termites:
Instead we planted a lime tree:
And then today, while the president was watching parades and kissing people on national television, Tarzan and I finally trimmed the orange tree in the front yard. The thing was way out of control and, because they could, people were reaching the branches and stealing oranges. So we trimmed it back:
It means fewer oranges next year but hopefully the branches won't drag on the ground and if we thin it better, we'll get nicer sized fruit.
Provided we cut it right.

This is me and we're doing yard work.


Master P said...

Dang it, I would kill for an avocado tree in my yard. I am so massively jealous. It was -8 when I took Solei to school this morning.

Cathie said...

So jealous of your avocado tree. Best avocado I've ever eaten was bought at the Huntington beach farmers market--and no doubt grown nearby.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! A yard full of fruitful trees. A tree may grow in Brooklyn but now there's a Gardenof Eden in South Central L.A. Rarely has seat watered such glories in the Hood.
Congratulations! Best wishes on your future harvests.

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