Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reading Material

Another of the tasks I have been assigned, at the 'office,' is showing houses for Tarzan's cousin, Stingy (Aunt Richie's daughter) when she is short of time and/or personnel.
It's usually pretty cool. I like houses, these are pretty fancy, and I get to see what I like and don't like for when we build the imaginary house in my head, when we have unlimited, unassigned money.
I have learned that there can be some down time at open houses though. And sometimes it's intermittent busy vs. boring time.
James Patterson's books, I have discovered, have the best format for these open house days. His chapters are short and dramatic. The font is widely spaced, easy to read and one's place is easy to find again. Good thing the man puts out 5-6 books a year. I've read a dozen already doing this job.

This is me and I like how there's a book for every occasion.


Cathie said...

We can churn them out because he has co-writers do most of the text. He just comes up with the story.

Renay H. Marquez said...

I should have introduced you to apps you will find necessary. The first is: Blogger has an app. You could blog while the downtime was happening. This will be very useful to you in November. I'm just sayin' is all. smiles Enjoy books. I'm jealous.

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