Saturday, July 14, 2012

Like I Never Left

It's amazing how quickly the best. vacation. ever! can melt away.
Even before one is actually home.
Tarzan and I had some time after the family gathering - before summer school started - so rather than fly home, we took the train. I have never done long distance on a train and he hadn't since he was in Euroope years ago.It was very cool.
I was reminded of the genie from Aladdin though, "Phenomenal cosmic power!...Itty bitty living space."It was MUCH more social than flying.
Everyone was very friendly.
The trip took longer of course, but we met some really interesting people.
The food was excellent, and a lot of it.
We read, took pictures, talked, played computer games, napped, really a good time.
And then we got closer to home and the text messages started coming in. It's like they could feel me getting close enough to get involved or something.
Someone's relative from church had passed away and I was getting back just in time to organize the funeral, the luncheon, the meals for the family.
Aunt Richie and Stingy called about when I would be in to work and suggestions for what to do on my way there.
Someone else had been really mean to a couple of people at church the previous Sunday and the rumors were flying.
Someone else was having surgery and needed meals and no one wanted to volunteer because of all the other "helping" they had to do.
We'd been home only 4 hours and it felt like 4 days.

This is me and I would have liked to hold on to the buzz a little longer.


Renay H. Marquez said...

Isn't riding the train awesome! So glad you guys got to experience what I have for the past several years. Though I have to admit, more than 3 day stretches are really wild. The bigger rooms are sometimes worth the price, though I've never paid for one.

Mara said...

Riding a train looks fun. My favorite time of the year is when we get to go on vacations.A couple of weeks away from daily routine is invigorating. Welcome back to real world!

Master P said...

Okay, I'm lame and just realized I'm so far behind that you HAD posted about the train. It sounds so fun!! But I still MIIISSSSS YOUUUUU!!!

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