Friday, July 13, 2012

Best Family Vacation EVER

What to say about this year's ASKR?(Who knows what number we're on with the weddings and graduations counting for some of the last few years.)What to say about this gathering; only that it was, quite possibly, THE. BEST. EVER!
And all the credit for the success goes to Rocketgirl and Floyd:For the space - we ALL slept in their house and no one died, which is the first miracle of the week; for the fun - we had a keg:A keg of root beer! It was spectacular.We saw CircusWorld!:We swam:We had a surprise party for Gamma and MusicMan's 40th wedding anniversary:With an original song and slide show.
There was 4th of July sparklers:A root beer tasting contest:We ate:We talked, we shopped:We played a lot of Sporcle, we caught up, discussed life, the universe and everything.And on Thursday we dispursed for points near and far.
It was hot, yes, but also the most relaxing vacation of our married life.

This is me and THANK YOU Rocketgirl and Floyd!!


Cathie said...

Wow, you guys really like root beer, eh?

Mara said...

I have to agree with you. This year was the best sibling reunion I've been so far.I had a great time in Wisconsin.

Master P said...


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