Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sad Thing

It was a normal Wednesday evening; I was coming home from work and exited the freeway as I usually do. There was a green truck in front of me who signaled and turned right. I coasted a little, glanced left and drifted right up under the rear bumper of the truck who had had to stop suddenly as someone else flew out of the driveway right in front of him.
And I crunched the front end of my car.

My pretty convertible got hurt:It was sad:Because I "hit" another car - the truck was fine BTW, in fact didn't even notice and drove right off without even looking back at me - we had to call the insurance people and they had me take my car to one of their recommended dealers. They were really nice of course, fixing me up with a rental.
A rental that looks remarkably like my original car:Very solicitous, concerned, trying so hard to be my friend. I was hoping for a little more anonimity I think. And I'm scared of what the final bill will be. They were offering to take out all the tiny little scratches and paint smears and promised a full detail job.

This is me, a little sad and guilty. And afraid of the price tag.


Renay H. Marquez said...

I have a dent from a guy who backed his SUV into my hood. Haven't gotten it out yet. Really didn't want to generate a carfax. It is an interesting talking point sometimes though.

Mara said...

Sorry to hear you car has a boo-boo! Not fun.

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