Monday, July 02, 2012

Avoiding The Hairy One

What's the phrase; best laid plans of mice and Jane...
Yesterday morning - SUPER early, again - we departed from The Jungle for The Land of Cheese and all of Tarzan's family. ATL was nice enough to drive us to the airport so we didn't have to park the car at the the airport for a week or get up even earlier for the crazy shuttle people. Things were fairly normal with ticketing and security - no one even paused with my electrical taped purse, so score one there - and boarding. It was a lame airline with no food, not even peanuts, so I slept as much as I could, in the middle seat, not next to Tarzan.
We were starting our approach into The Hairy Airport when the pilot came on and told us a thunderstorm had closed all runways for at least an hour. We were low on fuel and because of the MEDICAL EMERGENCY (This was the first I had heard of anything. Apparently a chick fainted and was still dizzy when she got up so they were calling in the EMTs) we were diverting to the airport in FootballTown, just north. Because of the storm, and all the gate closurs, anyone meeting a connecting flight should be in time. We were supposed to have a lengthy layover and then catch a small plane to the small airport nearer to Rocketgirl and Floyd's house.
Hopefully the storm would pass quick, we'd get the sick chick off the plane and get back on schedule quickly.
We landed, the emergency personnel got their client off the plane and we waited for the refueling.
A few people were actully headed for FootballTown so they disembarked.
The pilot came on to say it would be at least another hour before we had any news out of Hairy, so sit tight and have another glass of water.
Tarzan got on the phone with family to see what they thought and before the conversation was done Floyd was on the road to pick us up. (We did not know it was a three hour drive. I am in awe of that man.)
So we disembarked, met up with Floyd, drive back his and Rocketgirl's house and hung out with family while the airport sorted stuff out.
Round about 9:30 local time last night, Tarzan and his father went to get our only checked bag as it had had to make the original scheduled trip. Late, to be sure, but all our stuff was there and I don't think we inconvenienced anyone too much.
Except Floyd.
We'll have to buy him a root beer or four to make it up to him.

This is me and we're here.

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Master P said...

Eh. It was the worst thing that happened, so I say we got off easy!

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