Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Weird Dream #40

I dreamed I was on a basketball team and though I couldn't dribble, or pass, or really anything at all, I could make a basket from anywhere on the floor. Every time, no problem. Because of this I was always allowed to play but the opposing team kept trying to sabotage the ball, filling it with rocks and this really heavy white powder so I couldn't throw it. It didn't work because I would feel the difference and tell the referee and they would lose a point.
Then the game dissolved into a dinner of sorts, but there weren't any tables or chairs and I was still wearing my basketball uniform and the oldest son (he's 19) of one of the families from church was there and he proceeded to make a public apology about something, asking us all to forgive him and promising to try harder (at what I do not know) then as we were proceeding into dinner (that's right, it was in another room) he slung his arm around my neck and proceeded to kiss my forehead, like a father would, except he did it a couple of times on the way to dinner.

This is me; would they even take my brain if I donated it to science?

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Master P said...

"would they even take my brain if I donated it to science?"
QUOTE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!

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