Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Renaissance Faire

On Saturday last, Tarzan and I went to the local Renaissance Fair...e. He's been a few times before - a fact I did not know, nor predict - but I have never been so we took an excursion:
It was interesting to say the least.We watched the falconry show, which was really fascinating and amusing. The guy had two owls: A hawk:And a vulture:Which, you might not suspect, was really funny. I don't know if it was part of the routine or just a vulture with a mind of it's own. Still, it was amusing watching it try and route out hidden turkey legs from the bleachers. I ate mine after the show was over:We saw the joust:

Hilarious because it's grown men with bigger toys and real horses acting like little boys in the back yard. I wonder if this is something I would have done if I had more stage prescence and less desire to be clothed...The costumes were perhaps the most diverse I have ever seen anywhere, and that includes Halloween. From full on Renaissance stuff:Through I don't even know what:Some of them were really elaborate, some were made up out of people's closets and some were just weird. Still, it was very interesting and with more time to plan, and longer to stay, I'd go again.

This is me and we went to the Fair...e.


Mara said...

In our first year of marriage Quinn took me to one. It's a pretty unique festival,I'll say that. We even got to ride on an elephant. Did they have elephants and camels in this one? My mom arrives on Sunday. I gotta take her to one this year.

Renay H. Marquez said...

Glad you had a good ye olde time.

Master P said...

Holy cow, I shouldn't have watched the joust video. That is seriously scary. How are we as a civilization still alive???

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