Thursday, May 17, 2012

Swinging Good Time

Same Saturday, after we went to the Renaissance Fair...e, we took some of the kids from Tarzan's high school out to a ballroom dance club. They were really excited about learning to swing dance for their high school musical and Tarzan had a really good time teaching them, so this was a huge thing for them all.What amazed me was the difference between these kids who wanted to learn; their attitude - yes, they were teenagers, but they came and they participated, they danced, they didn't say no, no matter who asked, they tried - and some others that didn't. We taught the church kids the same dance style and we had to drag them kicking and screaming the whole way and they ran as soon as they could.I'll take the ones who want to learn every time:
This is me, goin' dancing.


Renay H. Marquez said...

Always better to have the motivated student.

Master P said...

UGH. TEENAGERS. SUCK. They don't realize how lame the non-try-ers look.

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