Friday, May 04, 2012


I admit to a bit of an obsession with Law & Order. I used to watch all the iterations but it became too much for the DVR so I had to cut. Jerry Orbach passed away, so the original could go and then Vincent d'Onofrio reduced his air time on Criminal Intent and SVU was my favorite anyway, mostly because of Mariska Hargitay and, until recently, Christopher Maloni. (Who's movie career is so demanding that he can give up the bread and butter that is Law & Order?)
All of this is the wind-up to tell you I think it stinks that Detective Benson and David Haden had to break up after only four episodes. I get that he's contracted for only four appearances - so far - but does the romance have to be that speedy? In one episode he's promising to not go anywhere and the next they're over because he's head of the committee to oversee her case files. And after all the promos saying Harry Connick Jr. was coming it was barely a blip in the 34 episodes I had on the DVR. (They're all gone now, I watched a lot waiting for him to show up.)
So much for TV promises.

This is me, a little disappointed.

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Master P said...

Did you see Harry on Finding Your Roots?? It was an awesome episode :)

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