Sunday, May 20, 2012


What is with British television? And how do three episodes make a season in any sense of the word?
Tarzan, ATL and I are watching the Masterpiece Mystery series Sherlock and it is pretty dang good. The actor playing Sherlock - pretty important part obvi - is amazingly good. I would not saddle my child with a name like Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch but he does a remarkable job with the part. His script must be four times the size of anyone else's. And I like his hair much better in the show than in real life. The writing is excellent and the updating of the scenes to include television and cell phones (mobiles, sorry) but not lose the integrity of the original stories is impressive.
Pretty dang good, but such a very small number of episodes.
Yes, each episode is an hour and a half long but even then, it's not an average viewing season.

This is me; I need more Sherlock!


Mara said...

Now you got me interested.

Master P said...

I've heard loads about it. I may jump on the bandwagon yet - I tried to jump on the Downton one and was sorely disappointed.

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