Friday, July 03, 2015

Summer Adventure #2

For those of you who don't know, my sister ATL is a children's librarian. For the years she lived with Tarzan and me, she was going to school and working for the county library system. First as a page (ha!), then an aide, and then a librarian. When she got her cool new job in 2014, it was as the children's librarian at a branch far, but not too far from our house. She loves it and they love her.
And, now that Cheetah has arrived, and sits up on his own, ATL suggested that we come to the story time her library has for babies. (They do all different ages, from baby through middle school age specific story times.)
We finally made it in the middle of June - and despite her usually having 3-6 babies and mothers attend, the day we went, there was just ATL, Tarzan, Cheetah and me:
(And Tarzan took the pictures.)
Well, one other mother and little girl came late and then left early:

But mostly it was just us:
We did an adorable activity with a glove and Velcro while singing "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep," 'danced,' played with the shaker eggs; Cheetah loved those and did not want to give them back:
And of course read some books:
We also worked on facial expressions:
Perhaps that was inadvertent...
By the end of the day, he was wiped:

This is me and it was very cute.

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Master P said...

I LOVE story time when you get it all to yourself! Incidentally, Thing 3 loves story time at the beginning - the songs, the introductions - and then when they get out the first book, he screams to high heaven and I have to leave. The thing is he likes books at home. So. Weird.

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