Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Story Time

Both Tarzan and I love to read and we want to pass that love along to Cheetah.
Some days he looks like he's picking it up:
And other days he'd rather play with something else:
I love the expression on Cheetah's face as Tarzan reads to him in this picture though:
It's such an expressive face that I open this up to you, the people with the senses of humor, to caption it for me.
To that end, I promise to send a dozen of my best cookies (your choice) to the person who submits the funniest caption for this face.
(Tarzan will be the judge.) And then I'll post it.

This is me with a second contest.


Renay H. Marquez said...

"Dad, hurry up and get to the good part!"

Cathie said...

I can't decide between "Ugh, Mom does the voices better." and "He's reading 'Love You Forever' again? I will not cry this time. I will NOT cry."

Anonymous said...

"Are we there yet?"

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