Friday, January 17, 2014

ATL Admiration - Day 1

I'm conflicted.
ATL just got a really fantastic job, so I'm extremely excited and happy and proud of her too.
But it's in a city almost 2 hours away, which means she will be moving out of our house - she's been here for almost 9 years - and on one hand that makes me sad because I will miss her but on the other hand it will be interesting to see what Tarzan and I can do on our own but on the other had it's almost like empty nesting and on the other hand she will be in charge and her job will be cool but on the other hand...
It's a lot to take it.
It'll likely take a few weeks to get the whole thing figured out and we have a lot to do in the mean time but I will post 30 days of things about ATL; things I admire, things I will miss, reasons why it's been cool having her here, that kind of schmaltz.
So, congratulations ATL!!

This is me and today is the beginning.

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