Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Adventure #1

I have never been more thankful that Tarzan is a teacher than this year.
In fact, most years I have been bitter that Tarzan gets 12 weeks off in the summer (plus 1 at Thanksgiving, another 1 in the spring AND the 3 at Christmas)
Not because I think he's not working. He works hard during the school year, including Saturdays, I don't envy him AT ALL his getting up at 5am all year long to go to school and he still manages some substitute time during the summer, just for kicks and because he gets bored on vacation.
But usually, on his vacations, *I* still had to go to work and so I was jealous.
This time around though, we have Cheetah, I have no pressing work to go to, so we have time together.
Which is awesome.
And we decided to start taking advantage of the many, many cultural institutions here in the Jungle.
Despite Cheetah being only seven months old - and unlikely to remember it - we took him to one of the local museums to see the "art" that was recently installed.
Cheetah slept through it:

When he did wake up he was not impressed with the statues:
The historical locale:
Or his parents:
In fact, all he really cared about was watching the wheels on the stroller go around:
And the traffic:
Though he did try and pull up a tuft of his first grass:
Tarzan and I had a blast though and we look forward to many summer adventures this year and in the years to come.

This is me and it's looking good.


Master P said...

Yummy grass!! I swear, I could look at pictures of Tarzan snuggling Cheeta all day and not get bored of them.

Analee Ochoa said...

I'm beyond thrilled your exposing my young godson to the finer things in life. Now that we have the arts and literature cover, now comes the wonderful world of contact sports ergo WRESTLING!

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