Tuesday, June 24, 2014

All The Lovely Symptoms

Some of you may be asking how I didn't know I was pregnant for so long and I will tell you; one of the most obvious early warning symptoms - the nausea and vomiting train - did not, has not, come by this station.
I count myself very blessed, considering all the other things I have to monitor, that I don't feel like throwing up every day as well. Turns out it's kind of a genetic thing and neither of my sisters nor my mother had much morning sickness.
I have had some other crazy symptoms.
Fatigue, of course. This whole, making another person thing takes a lot out of a girl. I sleep a lot, and I already needed more sleep than Tarzan, poor guy. I feel like I'm ignoring him sort of; snoozing later in the mornings, I lay down at 4 for an hour if I can, and still I'm zonked by 9:30pm. Last time we saw a movie we had to go to a matinee so I wouldn't fall asleep during the film.
Congestion is one symptom I hadn't expected. I feel like I am getting a cold. Have felt that way for almost 10 weeks now. I sneeze a bunch, but it never develops into anything. Which is something else to be thankful for.
I feel full all the time, stuffed full, so even though I can eat, I don't really want to.
Dry mouth has bothered me from the beginning, no matter how much water I drink, and
that's quite a bit. No trouble getting my 64-80oz a day.
I don't know if the dry mouth causes the nasty taste in my mouth, or if the nasty taste results in the dry mouth, or if I'm just lucky enough to have both. And I do, which makes eating interesting. Dairy seems to aggravate the dry mouth so I'm taking that light and hoping the vitamins have all the calcium we need.
I haven't had any cravings that I have noticed, but the only thing that ever sounds good to eat is fruit. This kid is going to love nectarines, grapes and watermelon. Anything juicy. I ate a ton of apples at the beginning but their appeal is starting to wane.
And as a final note, without giving too much information, should this happen to any of you; eat the prunes. They are magic.

This is me symptoms galore.


Cathie said...

Oh yes, the pregnancy rhinitis. I snored something awful. You should watch your carpal tunnels, too. The prune business should get better, but my other suggestionis to do squats. Google it.

Master P said...

The exhaustion is soooo rude!! I was really getting my life together back in 2012 and then BAM I got pregnant again and I have been useless ever since. Also, I had allergies for the first time ever when I was pregnant. Oh, I have so many WHY THE HECK?!?! questions for when I get back to heaven...

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