Monday, June 16, 2014

Spontaneous Eruption

So let's, on top of everything that is going on right now, this spring, let's add me being PREGNANT to the list!
Let me tell you, THIS was a surprise.
We have been married for 13-1/2 years. We have "been late" before, we have tried infertility treatments, we have never, ever, ever gotten even a positive ovulation test, let alone a positive pregnancy test. We did not even get a chemical positive during the IUI, IVF, alphabet soup times.
So when I was late, back in March, eh. No biggie. Happens all the time. Regular is not my middle name. But it kept not happening.
I was giving even odds it was the flu, a tumor or some intestinal bug.
But, given the time frame and the lack of evidence to the contrary, when going in for some regular blood work, I asked the doctor to tack on a pregnancy test too.
And on April 3, the results were in: positive.
Tarzan was both over the moon with excitement and terrified.
I kind of didn't believe it still, until I had my first real doctor's appointment and they did the ultrasound and pointed out the heart flicker:

Then it all became real.
And it meant we had to tell people too. So we waited for Mother's Day to tell our families - Tarzan wanted a lot of fanfare and his family came through.
Then he wanted to tell the people at church on Father's Day. They were suitably impressed as well.
But all the holding it in is over now and that's good because half of the reason I haven't posted much is because except for whining about how much I don't want to do work and this baby! I've got nothing.
Now I can share with you all and that will be a big relief.

This is me and it is way weird.


Anonymous said...

What is weird is the paradigm shift of earthquake proportion among all who take for granted that you and yours are always AVAILABLE. Even change for the good can be bad when it broaches inconvenience.
Good luck with that.
So happy for you all.

Cathie said...

What the what? This didn't show up in my feed, but I saw the post about prenatal vitamins and was like "uh, I need to check the archives." This is FABULOUS! I hope you haven't been puking up a storm and that everything is smooth sailing. Did you cry at the first ultrasound? I did, and it had only been three years and some clomid. Gaah, this is the best thing that's happened to me today, and it isn't even happening to me!

Master P said...

You're PREGNANT?!?!?! HOLY SNAP!!!!!!!! (I will always come through with fanfare, you know this :)

And YAY!!!!!!!!!

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