Monday, July 21, 2014


Never, with Tarzan being bishop and me being exhausted before the sun goes down, have I been more thankful for Monday nights.
Yay for Family Home Evening!
Every single night these past few weeks has had some major event for one or both of us; Youth Conference, Faith In God activities, leadership meetings, visits to inactive members, Stake meetings, Baseball Night, Tarzan's summer job(s) and of course this ridiculous project I am part of; it just goes on and on.
Of course, it being Monday night does not stop people from calling for Tarzan, but the expectation is less and none of the major groups schedule meetings or whatever.
We can at least pretend it will be a calmer evening.
Plus, when Cheeta shows up and we make more of an effort at lessons and things, we'll leave our phones in the other room so we can't hear them calling.

This is me, glad for a moment of relative peace.

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Master P said...


Also, I know you probably know this, but the Nursery manual is the greatest FHE tool there is. We still use it, and WG is 8. So freaking simple - we don't even plan most of the time. Just open to a page and pick one random song or story and bazooom, we're done. A little unsolicited advice to a former Primary prez who already knew that, but I had to share anyway :)

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