Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well This Is New

Tarzan and I got in the car the other night to go to a meeting and I noticed I had only one ankle.
The other could only be called what kids these days refer to as a 'cankle:'

(I apologize for the image quality, it was a few hours later and the flash was acting weird. I also apologize for my weird suntan.)
After quickly dismissing all the usual suspects - no pain, I hadn't been sitting on it, no kneeling or anything that would put pressure on the veins, I wasn't retaining water, only one leg - I called up BHB, my authority on all things pregnancy to ask what she knew. She didn't know why it was happening to only one leg - we discussed several options, but it was a mystery.
It did go away after sleeping so it's not permanent.
It wasn't until yesterday that I figured out what was causing the swelling.
Apparently, when I sit at the computer for a while - longer than an hour - my right ankle swells up. The left one does not because it rests on a footstool/chair/tucked under me or anything else nearby. I can't do the same thing with the right leg because it would throw my balance off with the mouse hand and drafting needs the mouse hand pretty bad.
I have improvised an elevated platform for my right leg in recent hours and the swelling isn't as bad today but it's not gone.

This is me and I knew architecture was trying to kill me.


Cathie said...

My swelling was always worse in one foot, but it's not like the other one looked good either. Hopefully keeping it up will take care of it for you. Towards the end, the only shoes I could cram my hooves in were the "dressy" Crocs, a size up from usual.

Master P said...

Classical guitarists have a similar problem. I had a friend who played with a weird comma-shaped pillow under his guitar so he wouldn't have one leg higher holding it up. At least you live in a land of flip flop weather!!

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