Friday, July 25, 2014

We're In Week 23

My observations on pregnancy so far:
Whatever traits, habits and nuances one possessed previous to becoming pregnant, they get worse become more pronounced after one is with child.
If one eats a lot of junk food, then they eat more while pregnant.
If they exercise regularly, they do it more while expecting.
I have always been a clumsy person, dropping items, cutting myself, losing things and punching myself in the face.
Now it is even more evident. I drop the same thing three and four times before I can keep a hold of it.
I eat well, which is good; hopefully it means Cheeta will be healthy and not too big for a calm, uneventful, timely delivery.
But I am a lot more sleepy in the morning, a lot more hot when it's warm outside, and a lot more irritable when things don't go my way.
And I spill AN AWFUL LOT.
All the time.
On everything.
It's sort of embarrassing.

This is me and I can't keep a shirt clean.

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Master P said...

I have a friend with ample bosoms who gets something on her every time she eats, and she doesn't even have pregnancy clumsiness as an excuse. Maybe you can make bibs into a fashion statement?

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