Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Great Secret - Unveiled

As you may recall Tarzan has been acting all secretive and stuff lately, giving thinly veiled references to our "big secret." As you further may recall I promised it wasn't that big a deal.
Tarzan wants the big unveiling, so here we are.
My family - my parents really - have opened a business.
As many of you know, my parents have horses and live in The Desert where there is much room for such things. The company that had been supplying their horse feed and supplies was going to be closed because the owner has a family thing and is moving down close to the border. With the opportunity presenting itself and the location right in their literal backyard it seemed a no-brainer to buy the feed company and continue the feed delivery service to the locals who have a surprising number of horses, goats, chickens and dogs.
This solves the problem of my parents horse feed delivery and who doesn't want to have their own business? One that can operate out of your house.
Okay, not everyone does, but it's ideal for us and that's the whole point.
My part in this grand plan has been to cart things and people around, offer opinions on how stupid bureaucracy is and order office supplies. Despite my love affair with post-its, or maybe because of it, we are proud to announce the opening of [my family's] Desert Feed Delivery!
If you and your horse/goat/chicken/dog are ever in our area and are really hungry stop on by and get a free sample. We even have our own Facebook page.

This is me, and we're in business.


Phat Fiddle said...

This is quite the undertaking. Is this your first business venture? Very cool and exciting.

Master P said...

Can you also sell shoes? Because I like those.

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