Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Letter To An Airline

I wrote this the day we flew back from seeing Tarzan's family but what with the weird dreams and the phone calls and visits to the doctor, dentist and vet - there is a sizable post coming about the kitten situation, be warned - I totally forgot I had even started it. I give you now a letter to the airline. If it sounds harsh, keep in mind I was tired from travelling and still had a lot of suitcases to unpack and laundry to do.

Dear Unnamed-Because-I-Don't-Want-To-Give-You-Free-Publicity Airline,
Two things.
Firstly, can you not talk to each other? Our plane was a few minutes late landing - and most of that was spent on the ground waiting for another behemoth hunk of metal to get out of the way - and you couldn't note that half of the passengers were waiting on other flights. Other flights that left while we were running from the make-shift, DIY shed of a terminal, across the tarmac and into the real building, only to see our connecting flight home pull away from the gate and THEN SIT ON THE RUNWAY FOR FIVE MINUTES WHILE THEY WAIT FOR CLEARANCE TO TAKE OFF? Just so they could say they left on time. Seriously, SO annoying. We were an hour and half later getting home because no one can talk to anyone else in any other branch of any corporation ever. I have yet to meet a department that could.
Secondly, I really do not think that two bags of peanuts makes up for $25 in checked luggage fees. Unless the peanuts were gold. And they weren't.
But my mother told me to not give criticism without something positive as well, so here you go, a positive comment. I appreciate that the pilot told us take-off would be bumpy, so I didn't freak out when we had some turbulence, unlike other aircraft I have ridden in where the pilot said it would be clear skies and didn't announce anything when we dropped five feet in the air with no warning. I like to be prepared, so thanks for that.

This is me, a extremely disgruntled passenger who does not want to ever use your airline again but will have to because you are who we have our frequent flyer miles with.


Elizabeth said...

You know, you are the third person this week to have mentioned that you had to wait for the gate once you landed...Jared was one, and another friend had the exact same problem this week. What is going on? I have had to deal with that maybe once or twice in my whole flying career, and I have flown quite a bit...crazy!

Rocketgirl said...

Ooooo, a SECOND bag of peanuts??? How can you complain?! I'd do a happy dance in the aisle!!

Anonymous said...
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