Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Are Yours?

You know how when you turn on the television all the movies have started already? Usually that bugs me - I hate to miss any part of the movie. If we come during the previews I consider myself late - and I will spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the next showing of the same movie so I can not miss the opening credits. Tarzan thinks I'm insane.
But I have discovered there are a few films where it does not matter when I come in. In fact, no matter how many minutes are left, I will always watch the following list of films, even though I own some of them and even if I just saw it yesterday. In no particular order:
1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
2. Miss Congeniality
3. Legally Blonde
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
5. The Italian Job
6. The Lake House

This is me and what are your no matter when movies?


Cathie said...

The American President! TBS showed it all the time back when I had cable, and I've seen it in bits and pieces a thousand times.

Elizabeth said...

Sleepless in Seattle, The Princess Bride, most baseball movies...

Anonymous said...

The Quiet Man, Sense & Sensibility,
Ann of Green Gables, any Harry Potter movie

Rocketgirl said...

Anonymous has them all dead on. Many Meg Ryan romantic comedies from the 90s, especially You've Got Mail. All the ones before her lips EXPLODED.

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