Monday, July 12, 2010

In This We Are Alike

My mother-in-law forwards us a lot of emails, some funny, some weird, some intriguing, at some I roll my eyes and some make me scream. This one though, I really like a lot. The presentation is not emotional, it's objective and it lays out the facts. The logical, rational facts. I appreciate an argument like that. It's rare; a logical argument.
And though I don't know if I want a gun I agree that people who do want them should be allowed to keep them.
To a point.
I don't know that anyone needs an AK-47 at their house, or a machine gun, but a lower caliber shotgun can be quite useful and not just for self defense. (I am looking at you possum in the backyard raking through the garbage every night.)
It comes down to one of my favorite phrases; moderation in all things.

This is me and I agree Smedley.

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