Friday, July 02, 2010

Whooping Cough

Does anyone else's doctor keep pushing vaccinations on them? Last year I had to get my Rubella shot updated - the third one that I can remember - and then on Tuesday I got a DPTSSPTWX vaccination. Something about tetanus and whooping cough. Whooping cough, really? Am I likely to get whooping cough? I have never known anyone to get whooping cough. Ever.
It's almost like my doctor get a bonus for the number of shots he gives out, a twisted sort of sales commission. I think it's a good idea for children and babies to be vaccinated and I got all mine when I was young but what's the deal recently for me to get a whole bunch? I read a lot of blogs and I haven't heard anyone else complaining about red sore injection areas.

This is me and I am not amused.


RHM said...

Whooping Cough has been found in 5 people in Yolo County. Normally they see 1. So The counties that have seen a rise in cases are freaking out and immunizing everyone they get their hands on. You, being surrounded by little ones at church are more likely to be a vector but not sick and then get the little ones sick. That's why your arm is currently sore. Sorry. They nabbed me when I was at my eye doctor. And didn't listen to me when I said I was allergic to the original DPT shot.

klutzy k said...

there was a small-ish outbreak in california reported on the front page a yahoo a week or two back. and other than the four month old i babysat in seventh grade who had a little cough when the parents were leaving for the evening and ended up BLUE and not breathing and needing to be transported to a hospital an hour away because we lived in the sticks (the parents came home to an ambulance with lights on, police cars, etc.--yeah, i'll never forget the dad's face when he ran in) because guess what? that little cough had turned to whooping cough. but yeah, other than the one time, i haven't heard of anyone else having it. :) was just informed i need a dpt shot while at the doctor this week. fun!

and while i'm leaving a crazy long comment, may i just say: i love your blog! you're so funny and i can always count on you to have great pictures of big events (weddings, babies, etc.) (and also raccoons. ha!).


Elizabeth said...

Every time I cute myself on metal and have to get stitches (yes, it happens often enough that I can say 'every time') they stick me with a tetanus shot...they don't believe me that I had one within the last 8 years. You are supposed to get one every 8 years...I need to start carrying my shot records everywhere I go...

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