Friday, May 01, 2009

Ode To The Man Of My Life

So here it is May and I didn't even get to post the picture of Tarzan's birthday cake. Fortunately for you, I did take one and so it is all okay. Because, though I am two weeks late with this, he is still the most important man to me. Once upon a time that honor fell to my father, but as The Good Book says, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife." I figure the same applies for women and husbands.
He's a hard worker Tarzan is. Makes me ashamed of myself often at how hard he works and how little it seems I do. On the other hand, he thinks I do a lot, so I wonder if he's just sweet - he is - or if it's a matter of perspective. One man's junk, another man's treasure sort of thing. Odd how the fates of the universe saw fit to steer us in each other's direction. One man who likes food, interesting flavors and isn't afraid to try something weird looking and one girl who likes to cook but isn't all that talented the first time round in the culinary world - a little bit of trial and error - but who also doesn't like to waste. It's a delicate balance. But he's so...happy about dinner, happy every day, even if all we're having is chicken and rice. Makes me smile. So I am super extra glad that his birthday cake came out so well. This is very nearly the same cake I made last year, but it's so good and the strawberries were well worth the effort to form the letters:
(Did you know that "R"s are really hard with only straight lines to work with?)
Smart, funny - no one can make me laugh like Tarzan - tireless, diligent, indefatigable, and so loving. He's a dear. And he's mine. I love you.

This is me, cleaving.


RHM said...

One day I will remember when Tarzan's birthday is.

Jared and Tanya's Family said...

Sorry it is late but tell Tarzan Happy Birthday for me. Thanks.

RHM said...

One more random thing, I would have taken a strawberry and done a couple of lognitudnal slices and used the 'better' of the slices to make the round part for the "r"...that's just me, you were already in your latitude slices.

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