Monday, August 11, 2014

Anyone For A Conga Line?

Today marks the start of my 26th week of pregnancy.
According to the 'baby books' - with a lot of NICU help - Cheeta could survive if he were born now.
Of course we are hoping he makes it another few weeks and comes out swinging. (Genetics being what they are, I have no doubt he'll bake for at least 12 more weeks.)
The swinging thing he has down cold if the movements in my belly mean anything.
Last week at my doctor's appointment she asked if I could feel him moving and boy can I. At first, it was like 'they' say and I couldn't tell if it was gas, my stomach rumbling or baby.
There is no doubting it now.
When he lets go it doesn't hurt - I wonder if that comes later when he weighs 7 pounds instead of the current 2? - but it's definite.
Sometimes it's like the Loch Ness Monster with the bluuurrp-type rippling movement across the front, other times it's minimal and I wonder if he's facing the other way or not as interested.
I hadn't really noticed until the doctor mentioned it but my uterus is tilted to the right - which is why only one ankle swells up when I'm working at my desk - and most of the kicking does come on in the middle or on the right side.
Sometimes it's a fluttering feeling, like he's poking obliquely, not directly into my side.
Sometimes I pretend it's his head I am feeling. It might be. I can't tell yet.
And I don't know if Cheeta can tell but he sure does stop kicking right as Tarzan puts his hand on me so he's never felt the really big kicks or the rippling motion that's so weird.
I wish Tarzan was home right now because I swear he's doing the samba in there today.

This is me and Cheeta's alive and doing well.


Cathie said...

According to my doctor, most people's uterus is tilted, which I find interesting. The kicking definitely gets worse. It was cool at first, but being of limited stature, I found things got crowded fast. One time, she completely stretched out, because there was a kick on my ribs and a head on my bladder. So fun! And of course it stops as soon as you say "feel this!"

Anonymous said...

What interesting experiences….especially the awareness of the presence of greatness. He shows appropriate reverence :))

Master P said...

Totally take a video of your stomach hopping!! Maybe Tarzan should just follow you around with his had on your tummy at all times, just to catch it. I remember laying down in bed while WG was literally making the bed shake in my belly, and husband was like "dang, we have a soccer player!!" We don't, by the way. She' a terrible team player :)

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