Sunday, August 03, 2014

First Bump Picture

You may have noticed that Tarzan and I are not really devoted to taking pictures of ourselves.
We had a zillion done at the wedding, we're in the family ones that happen every year or so but nothing has really changed for us in 13-1/2 years.
If we were the sort to do Christmas cards, ours would have looked the same - a little more grey in Tarzan's hair maybe - since we got married. Same house, (almost) same jobs, same just we two.
Now that Cheeta is coming - we have to get with the family photo-ing program!
To that end, we have, sort of, started taking baby bump pictures. Now I have never been a thin person and having a camera pointed at my middle makes me mildly uncomfortable.
Tarzan makes a valid point when he said we should have documentation of this moment in time. Especially when Cheeta grows up and wants to know about where he came from - do boys ask questions like that?
So, here we are. A baby bump at 23+/- weeks:

Please ignore my bizarre facial expression. I think I was explaining how to turn the camera focus around from him to me.

This is me, and it's a mind shift.


Cathie said...

Cute! I have at least one bump photo I have to crop my face out of entirely. And always my feet. Just looking at them makes me miserable.

Flying squirrel said...

You look cute though! And you will definitely want documentation! Thanks for sharing the pic. :)

Master P said...

YES. DOCUMENTATION. DOOO EEET. Your bump is freaking adorbs, by-the-by.

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