Tuesday, August 12, 2014

He Passed

I guess it's a good thing I was never a cheerleader.
Tarzan has been studying most of the summer to take an English credential test so he can be the teacher of record for even more of the online students at his high school. He already is credentialed for the two types of history (US and World) and German.
(Because the man doesn't do enough for the district as it is...)
Anyway, he took the test almost a month ago and had to wait until last night for the results.
He passed - of course - but when the email finally came he was over the moon, grinning like a fool and doing a little dance in the kitchen.
Apparently he had been really worried about the test and concerned that he might not score high enough for the credential.
I kissed him and said congratulations but I had had no doubts that he would pass. It was like confirmation of a known fact.
I'm more like my parents than I admit to, it would seem. Not as demonstrative as others we know.
So just like when we told people we were expecting a baby, Tarzan had to go to his family for the fireworks and the shrieking.
They did not disappoint.

This is me and I am proud of him, just not hysterical.


Cathie said...

We are two peas in a pod, my friend. Husband will interpret for people that when I say "it was pretty good" that's me being over the moon. I am not the one to go to if you need emotional "fluffing."

Anonymous said...

Had no idea he was specifically certified in so many subjects. IMPRESSIVE. Ya'll must have some bang up conversations…whenever the dust settles after your hectic days.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! And thanks for all your support.

Tarzan said...

I'm not, just History and English now.

Master P said...
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Master P said...

Call me anytime. I will give over the top, illogical hysterics whenever. Chances are when you call, I'll already be hysterical about something.!

YAY TARZAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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