Sunday, December 01, 2013

Weird Dream #44

I woke up abruptly and with a start this morning and I would swear I dreamed this dream before. (I never dream the same dream twice)
It was long and involved - aren't they always?
There was a project I was working on, with a team, and we were intent on completing it on time. But we came to a point where there was nothing further we could do and we were stuck. Then we realized that if we had started it a different way we could achieve the result faster and better. So we rewound all the work - and the dream - and started again, but given the time restraint we had to work faster and the dream sped up along with us until we were rushing around and flipping through scenes like a movie and then all of a sudden, I woke up, panting and unsure of where I was and when it was and if I had dreamed this dream before - if it was a dream - and if the last few years had been a dream and I would find myself still working at an architecture office and late for getting up.

This is me and I had to check the date on my phone to be sure it was the day and year I thought/hoped it was.

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Cathie said...

Not exactly the best way to wake up!

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