Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Traditional Meltdown

For lack of a better post, this is me freaking out because Christmas is 2 WEEKS away and as usual there is a myriad of things to do and prep for and coordinate with others and it never goes as it is supposed to and sometimes the end result is good and sometimes not so much but the time constraint is always insane and this year is no exception and even if I didn't have a job - well three - I don't see how there would be enough time and have I mentioned my plan that we should all take the month of December off?
When we leave for Thanksgiving that should be it until the new year.

This is me and it wouldn't work that way either, but it's a dream.

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Cathie said...

That was my goal. I was saving all my pto for December, but ended up using a week before I had the baby, because I was too miserable to even sit at a desk. But I hear you on the freaking out front. Two weeks?!

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