Monday, December 02, 2013

Crash, Tinkle, Tinkle

'Tis the season of house repairs!
Right before I left, last Wednesday, for Thanksgiving; literally right before, I tripped getting out of the shower, fell against the toilet and snapped the plastic posts that hold the plastic lid to the porcelain bowl.
Tarzan and I got back late Saturday night and Sunday being a busy day unto itself, we are still functioning with a broken toilet.
On top of that, while ATL, Tarzan and I were eating dinner last night we heard a rather muted, thump and swoosh, dashed into ATL's room and noticed that the hanging rod in her closet was at a very unhelpful angle. Apparently the plastic bracket the rod sits in decided 10 years was enough and it was checking out.
So now we have to replace that as well.
Not a big deal in either case, just a mighty inconvenience.

This is me and aren't these things supposed to happen when it's warm and light out?

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