Monday, December 09, 2013

Belts And Pants

I had to get my father-in-law help me get my pants off today.
It was a very serious misadventure.
I was getting dressed for work and my best looking jeans are looser than I like to bend over in repeatedly so I don't wear them often (probably why they look the best) and I thought I would see if one of Tarzan's belt could help me stay modest all day.
Checking the closet revealed that Tarzan had worn the belt I like best of his. My only choices were his brown belt - which ended up being too big, even on it's last loop, to be of any use - and the special Chinese belt that his father brought all the boys back from their trip. I put it on, and it was pretty cool, no loops, so the belt fits perfectly at every point.
Like a zip-tie.
But I couldn't get it off again.
Exactly like a zip-tie, it goes one way easily and the other not at all.
I texted Tarzan, thinking he would know how to get his belt off. But he couldn't describe it to me in a way that would make it work.
I had to leave for work and I was taking ATL too, so I left, still texting Tarzan and still imprisoned inside my legwear. He promised to let me out when he got home from school, but halfway across town I realized that I couldn't use the bathroom all day long if I couldn't undo the belt.
According to Tarzan, there is a "button on the back" of the belt that would release the mechanism and let me out, but no matter what I pushed or pulled or twisted, it wasn't letting go. So Tarzan called his father who had given him the belt and was the originator of the undoing trick.
Then his father called me and MusicMan helped me figure out the clasp. Turns out it is not a button but a little lever, not on the back, but the bottom of the belt and the belt has to have some slack in it and the lever pushed out and away from the body at the same time.
It's fairly easy once I knew how.
But it was a few hours of anxiety when I didn't. 

This is me and I have a skill.

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Cathie said...

A Chinese pants trap?

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