Thursday, December 26, 2013

Always The Same Trouble

One morning, two weeks before Christmas, I woke up, got dressed and after brushing my hair out, this is what I had going on in the bangs area:
I tried with the fine toothed comb:
And it sprang right back:
I had needed one for a while but I decided it was time for a hair cut.
That same day.
I went to a place that allowed walk-ins, wasn't too expensive - it was a cosmetology school actually - and explained my dilemma. I have pictures from the last time I was happy with my hair, which was when PhatFiddle got married - he has two kids now - and try to get hair stylists to copy it. I have tried this the last four times I got my hair done.
This time, I came out with something a little different than what I asked for:
But I really like it.
A lot.
The trouble is, I can't recreate it on my own. I ignore the back and let it dry as it will. I don't have time every day to blow dry my whole head and doing the back is annoying anyway and I don't care if it's a little less straight.
My bangs, however, I take more time with. I don't let them air dry, or pin them down, I use a styling serum, I blow them straight out and then up, for volume, and then over in a wave. I do it everyday and they won't go the way they are supposed to.
Anyone? Thoughts?

This is me and I can't get it right at home.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since a fortunate hairstyling mistake I have found success conquering bangs with an electric straightening iron. First I spray them with AQUAGE-beyond body thermal spray….dry with hair dryer…and then, in small section, straighten my uber curly bangs. Works every time.

YOUR new hair cut looks GREAT. Make you look great, too. Nice Christmas gift.

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