Wednesday, October 23, 2013

That's What It Is

I finally figured out what it is about the Barefoot Contessa that bugs me so much.
The Food Network is one of my favorite channels and I have watched Ina Garten for years. Her food looks fancy but good and I have learned some very helpful things from her show, but watching her has always made me angry as well.
Today I figured out why that is.
The woman NEVER cleans up after herself. She mixes, spills a little, but never wipes the counter down, she never cleans the blade of her knife, never puts the food scraps in the compost bowl/basket/bucket/pile, never scrapes out a bowl, never puts a bowl in the sink when she's done with it, and puts the goopy spatula back down on the counter and does not give it another thought.
I know I am not a spectacular housekeeper but I can manage to empty the food processor and get it in the general vicinity of the dishwasher before moving on to the next step.

This is me and I feel better now that I know what it is.

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Master P said...

I don't have any experience watching her, but rhat would stress me out - I think mostly because I'm such a pig and it would hit too close to home :)

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