Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Plus Seven

It would seem that my parents were correct. The older one gets, the faster time goes. I'm not sure if it's because there is more to do or that there's less of my life left and my mortality is sneaking up on me, or what it is but if you can believe it, it's been a whole year and it's my birthday again.
On the one hand it's been a heck of a year, with a lot of things coming and going. And on the other hand, it has passed so quick I can't believe it.
Some of the major events, in no particular order:
  • Tarzan accepted the assignment to be bishop(!) of our ward (local congregation) and has been alternately flustered, frustrated, absent and elated at the events and responsibilities of the calling.
  • Because of Tarzan's reassignment, I was released from being Relief Society President and was placed back in Primary - NOT the President - so I am happy.
  • Another faction was added to the odd list of things I do in the day; in the form of drafting for an architect. Both better and worse than before.
  • My hands are refusing to cooperate and I have perpetual trigger fingers it seems.
  • Celebrated six years of this blog.
  • Based on the title of a post, Tarzan bought me an iPad Mini for Christmas. I find it really fun - books and games and things - but I still wonder at the necessity of it. I feel spoiled.
  • Celebrated 12 years married to Tarzan. TWELVE years. That's a long time people.
  • Tarzan and I took a road trip in a really fancy RV with Stingy, her daughter and a hired guide through the southwestern states.
  • Got to go to the theater to see Jekyll & Hyde.
  • We pulled out the apricot tree in the front yard and the weird, termite infested tree in the back yard and replaced them with an avocado and lime tree respectively.
  • Watched Les Miserables in the theater with mixed feelings. Our only trip to the movie theater this year.
  • Caught some possums in the back yard.
  • Welcomed a new nephew and two new nieces. (Not all from the same parents.)
  • Visited Rocketgirl for 10 days! Met the Condor and partied hard even though it was freezing rain outside in APRIL!!
It has been a very busy year and this blogging in feasts and famines is kind of challenging. I think I need to work out a schedule.

This is me and I hope I'm getting wiser.

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