Friday, October 18, 2013


Much as I wanted to, I can't say that I was impressed with the storyline of the Disney movie Brave. (Yes, I only just now saw it.)
Having it be a Scottish heroine was a cute idea and the three little boys were adorable.
The animation was typical. The closing credit sequence was beautiful.
The plot. My goodness. So. Many. Holes.
Why was the father an idiot? I hate it when the man is made out to be a doofus.
How was this the first the daughter was hearing about a marriage being necessary?
Considering the control the mother has over the room, no one could think her weak and downtrodden.
Considering Merida's opinion of the boys that were competing for her, why did she want to shun all vestiges of civility and become just like them?
Plain and simple, Merida was a moron. Every time we turned around she was doing something stupid and running from responsibility. And in the end she didn't really learn anything. Oh sure, she missed her mother but she didn't choose to accept the responsibilities of her station. Gah!
Also, what about all the nudity? So completely inappropriate.
Not a movie I will be recommending to anyone.

This is me and can someone please get that girl a brush?!!

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Master P said...

You are brilliant! I didn't know why it annoyed me, but now I do! Thanks for the help :)

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