Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ode To A-Mazing

It's Rocketgirl's birthday...and despite my not being skilled with the rhyming odes like she is; a tradition is a tradition dangit.
Rocketgirl is an amazing person.
She has three fantastic children and that's not by accident. She is an amazing mother.
She has played with two renowned bands - still plays in fact - and rocks it every time! She is an amazing musician.
She grew up with three brothers - amazing accomplishment right there - and welcomed all the girls they married with open arms and big smiles. (Even though we're all a little nuts.) She is an amazing sister.
(I can't swear by this 100% but there are those who say she is an amazing daughter.)
Don't be taken in by her 'I'm-not-talented' and 'I'm-not-pretty' lines.
She lies.
She is both talented and gorgeous:

She is an amazing woman.

This is me wishing a very, very Happy Birthday to Rocketgirl!!!

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