Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Didn't Miss Them

This is not my first comment on the federal government.
I doubt it will be my last.
I am so irritated by this government shut-down / resurrection nonsense.
First, why did we elect such stupid, immature representatives?
Next, why do they think blaming the people / claiming that "the people have spoken" in any way makes sense?
Next, WHY do we allow these schmucks to continue to get paid - at all, let alone during the shut-down - when all the federal employees - who had nothing to say about the shut-down - did not?
Lastly, does anyone else think we should consider a third party? If enough of us vote for Floyd next time we might make a difference.
Frankly, I was very intrigued when the some of the states decided to take matters into their own hands and reopen the national parks with state money because the federal guys couldn't get it together. If that had gone on long enough I could see the states becoming independent countries and we could have forgotten all about the losers in D.C.

This is me and it always comes back to "the people get the government they deserve."

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