Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cat, In Repose

I forgot I hadn't posted this picture from the holidays:
That's Spike, the youngest of my cats, and one of the two I raised from birth. She really likes to snuggle. Probably some throw back to her kitten hood. She has taken to sleeping under the blankets with us at night, (which freaks Tarzan out completely when he reaches for me and grabs fur instead), and her favorite resting places are inside or under things.
Like the present above or the laundry:

When I come home from work, the store, or anywhere, she follow me meowing until I sit down so she can lay in my lap. She often stretches directly across my arms when I'm typing and seems offended if I move her off.
I always wanted a cat that preferred me and would snuggle but this is ridiculous.

This is me and she's a weirdo.

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Master P said...

This cat could use a serious dose of the Dude. He'd get his fill of humans then :)

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