Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pho Close

With the temperature dropping - well, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes rainy, sometimes windy - I have been experimenting with making soup.
I don't profess to be better than Cambell's or Progresso but I was hoping it might be more convenient to make Pho than have to go out to a restaurant every time I wanted some.
It is certainly not as simple as opening a can and heating it up but it was a fair approximation of Pho, I thought. I used this guy's recipe and it was easy to understand and follow. We began with roasting the ginger and onions on the stove:
(Did not expect the skin to peel off and fly everywhere, or the juices to spit out quite so quickly.) After the roasting, the skins came off:
Chicken bits go in the water:
Add all the flavor ingredients:
And boil for a very long time:
Drain the liquid out and discard the solids:
Yes, this exercise was just for the broth.
For the actual eating, we use the broth and a lot of other items. There is a lot of preparation of ingredients for this thing:
Then we assembled the individual bowls by layering the cooked noodles:
Then add the steaming hot broth over it all:
Tasted totally awesome:
But it sure took a while. Can't say I'll be whipping that up on a regular basis.

This is me makin' soup.

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Mara said...

I like your design plates!Are those left over candy from Halloween? Cause we still have plenty of those.

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