Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Life Beyond #11

And that's why my "job" bugs me.
Most times it's fine.
I love the houses, I love pretending that I know things. I like my complete lack of responsibility for the things I do. But there are days...
I went to show a house for Stingy the other day. It was a new house to me, she was in a hurry and didn't tell me anything about it. She doesn't usually but sometimes I can grab the MLS sheet and read the year the place was built and how many bedrooms it has before I go introduce a person to it. This time I did not get that chance and it was a big house. I did count the bedrooms as I ran through turning the lights on - but I missed the maid's room and when that was the first question the broker asked, I knew it was going to be a tough day.
It was.
Including "if you don't know, don't guess" which is a valid point, but I wasn't guessing, I was being snarky about the obvious answer to the question, and ending with "you don't know anything, so why are you here?" I almost answered "so you don't steal anything."
But I didn't.
I was good.
Until they left, and then I called Tarzan and cried.

This is me and I have some weird days on the job.


Cathie said...

I would have said that, but then I'm a jerk. Perhaps practice saying, "I'm here for the house's security, not for the benefit of brokers who didn't do any research."

Master P said...

I would have totally said that too!!! All the punches in the face!!!!!!

Jane said...

Oooh, Cathie, that's a good one. I should practice that!

Mara said...

Sorry about your day...Cathie, that's a good one!

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