Friday, February 22, 2013

Because 13 Years Isn't Enough

Is anyone else in their car so much that they hear the same segment on NPR more than once in a day? There are days when I hear every edition of Marketplace and they're identical...
In my desire to hear the funny, quirky things, I hear other things repeatedly. And I have noticed that NPR certainly likes to beat the inflammatory topic drum.
Here's my (next) question for you: how do you feel about Pre-Kindergarten being required and why?
All I know is that my parents worked hard when I was growing up, one or both of them, multiple jobs, etc., and yet all nine of us learned to read and count before we went to school. What's the push for pre-K? When do children get to be children?

This is me, looking for another perspective.


Cathie said...

I would expect that parents want it--like they want all day kindergarten--because it decreases their childcare costs. Doesn't necessarily make it the right decision, though.

Master P said...

There have been studies done on how preschool does give an advantage to kids, but that advantage goes away by 3rd grade if the parents aren't involved. So there's the hope it could help our population, but without a good family, no use. Like most of parenting, actually. We want to help the kids, but what would really help is neutering stupid adults so they can't become absentee parents.

Jane said...

Amen, Master P, AMEN!

Renay H. Marquez said...

It's a rough balance between "cheap day care" and education. I'm not sure which is coming through honestly.

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