Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whine To The Lot

I know, I haven't been posting much other than football scores and I'm sorry. There's a litany of things I'm working on; the patio in the back yard - and it's ALMOST done - the Primary Presentation for church, cub scout scheduling, I've got a really sick kitty - poor thing has a mouth disease and the cost of MAYBE fixing him is a lot, so we're trying to decide what to do - Tarzan's district just dropped all library aids so he's all alone at school and super stressed over it - he comes home just exhausted - plus there's my job too and this commute is just killing me. It's not the worst one anyone has and sometimes the radio station gets a good series going and I don't mind as much. But then other days the President of the United States comes to visit, closing one of the major streets I have to cross to get the freeway to get home for an ENTIRE HOUR which made getting out of work a 1/2 hour early a moot point.
Add to all that the whole mess of my posts that Blogger keeps making - I can't even comment on all my friend's pages anymore because of the whole "pick a profile" option and it won't let me choose, keeps giving me some HTML error I don't understand - and the motivation just isn't strong enough to make me turn the computer on. I'm neglecting Mafia Wars and Frontierville too. That's how bad this is.

This is me wondering how you do it?


RHM said...

1) Never compose in your blog account. I keep hearing our computer professor "Save, Save now."

At least your text will be there and you can fight with formatting in the blog account

2) Don't worry about FV and MW, they're still waiting for you.

3) you'll find a groove.

Elizabeth said...

Aw man, I haven't even noticed blogger being it with drafts of posts or are you trying to post and it won't? You need a good day. Wish I could magically give you one. Hope your weekend was good!

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