Tuesday, September 06, 2011

County Fair 2011

Right before school starts the county fair opens. We went last year and had a really good time. This year we planned it better and took [some of] my family:
We went for Labor Day and there was some promotional thing and if we got there before 1:00pm, admission was a single dollar. $1! It was awesome.

We did all the "traditional" stuff we did last year; the lumberjack show was the same, hot guys doing athletic things for applause, the Ferris wheel, the parade with kids throwing beads and stuffed animals, the crafts. The trains:

I was really bummed the horse racing wasn't until next week, but we did visit the Budweiser Clydesdale team. And the lumberjacks were not the only hot guys doing things. I didn't realize this until we got home but of the twenty-seven pictures I took all day, seventeen of them were of Travis:

He was the assistant at the tractor pull. The pedal tractor for the kids...but still. That boy had to haul one excellent behind back and forth a lot of times:

He was one of the highlights of the day for my sisters and I:

And of course there was great food. We ate a lot of yummy things and ended the day with a HUGE, maple, bacon, donut:

It was worth the exorbitant price my father paid for it but I think LBO wanted to eat another:

This is me and maybe next year I'll take you!


Elizabeth said...

Fun!! I miss going to fairs like that...sounds like a good time...

RHM said...

Looks like the family seemed to have enjoyed themselves. I imagine it was hot out there...fairs are never cool events.

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