Saturday, July 16, 2011

To Jean Or Not To Jean?

Usually, I would not darken the door step of Wal*Mart. I some issues with the way they do business and all that. But I overheard a conversation - while in one of the many lines I stand in on a Saturday - where two ladies were discussing this brand of blue jeans. According to them, the jeans fit really well - with an actaul waist, not this hip hugging nonsense that is going on all over - are not rediculously expensive and are at Wal*Mart.
I am short and round and have a terrible time finding jeans that fit and look decent, and the one pair that I have that fits all the criteria is developing some holes in some not holy places.
So I went to Wal*Mart.
And there they were. Real jeans - not the pre-worn looking stuff with holes already in them - in my size, in EVERYone's size actually, with a Tall, Medium and Short for all the numbers too. There were various shades of ble and they fit. It was a pretty emotional moment.
So, do I buy them and become hypocritical because previously I wouldn't buy things at that store? Do I not buy them and possibly not find a good pair of jeans again? Don't laugh, it's happened before, my deciding to wait on an item because "I don't really need it right now" and then not being able to find it ever again. Ever.
So I'm stuck between my principles and being decently clothed. What is a girl to do?

This is me, caught on the horns of a dilemna


Cathie said...

Oh, just buy them. Sprawlmart isn't THAT much more evil than any other large corporation. And as one who frequently has favorite products discontinued, enjoy it while it lasts.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah. I also usually avoid at all costs crossing the threshold of WalMarts doors. BUT they do sell a generic brand of water bottles that tastes EXACTLY like Dasani, and I like Dasani a lot. So I do buy that there. I am now thinking about trying out their jeans too, if that makes you feel any better.

Jane said...

Actually, Elizabeth, it does.
And Cathie, I did buy them and they are lovely. Light blue and dark blue and it was good.

RHM said...

well despite some of their practices, you can easily find more products "made in the USA" there than any other large store...It's not a comfort but apparently every $3.33 spent on US made products = 10,000 jobs further up the food chain...

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